Gazelle's Mission: Transform Technology Use in Business

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Nearly ten years ago, we started seeing the beginnings of a trend in how people do business. Connecting socially and communicating easily was becoming more and more important. Over the next few years, with the launch and onslaught of social networking, we saw that this trend had the power to completely transform how businesses use technology in their processes and operations.

The Business - Social Gap

But there was a gap. Employees used social networks personally, but rarely connected them to their work or used them with colleagues. Businesses may have seen the benefit of social collaboration, but lacked the understanding or technology to effectively use it.

Vision: Transformation

So Origo Software was formed with a vision to transform the way technology is used to improve processes for enterprises and the lives of individuals globally. We built the Gazelleā„¢ Platform to make businesses more profitable by making it easier for employees to work more efficiently and productively.