What is Gazelle?

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Gazelle™ uses social collaboration to connect people, data, and communications in an easy-to-use platform that brings competitive agility to your enterprise. Put simply, Gazelle™ is a software platform that makes knowledge workers more productive and companies more profitable. We do this with something we call "content convergence."

Convergence Explained (Briefly)

Content convergence is what happens when all the files, documents, materials, and resources you need to do your job are in the same place as your contacts and communication streams. You work more efficiently. You spend less time on tedious, repetitive tasks and more time brainstorming, collaborating, and producing. You're able to easily connect with team members. Your workflows and processes are automated and streamlined.

Harness Your Content's Power

The amount of content that businesses generate, acquire, access, and attempt to manage is growing at nearly unimaginable rates. It's content that could, and should, serve a purpose -- to help business leaders make the right decisions for their business -- but often doesn't, because it's difficult for any one person or team to access, organize, and understand. Gazelle™ allows businesses to harness the power of their content to make smarter decisions, boost productivity, increase efficiency, and grow profits.