Breeze™ can also be described as the provider of content management services for Gazelle™. From a user's standpoint, Breeze™ is typically used when you need to modify and manage your content inside Gazelle™ after it has been acquired. Breeze™ can be used to manage content in various ways using transformers and editors that are either built in or plugged

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Use virtualized workspaces and projects to connect with your content and your team.


Bring together the folks, content and project that matter right now, so you stay productive and get things done faster.


Turn your content and your projects into shared resources with your team and your contacts over the web from your projects and workspaces inside Gazelle.


  • Neo
    Content and data capture
  • Dynamo
    Content Transformation Engine
  • Eqius
    Business Application Stack
  • Waves
    Version and Asset Control, and Management
  • Canary
    Lifecycle Management Toolkit
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