Eqius™ is mainly responsible for the management of your businesses assets and all types of related business process content in Gazelle™. It can also be described as the provider of business processing services for Gazelle™. From a user's standpoint, Eqius™ is typically used after your content is in Gazelle™ and you need to use it to run your business with seamless integration. Eqius™ features a fully complemented business application stack. This enables convergence of your content into Gazelle™.

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Simple CRM, list management, project management and other tools to run your business.


Access your personal and business contacts and data in one secure place.


Because everything is in Gazelle, the power to collaborate effectively multiplies the more you use it.

EQIUS Features:

  • Neo
    Content and data capture
  • Dynamo
    Content Transformation Engine
  • Breeze
    Content Management System
  • Waves
    Version and Asset Control, and Management
  • Canary
    Lifecycle Management Toolkit
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