Neo™ is mainly responsible for the acquisition of all types of content in Gazelle™. Neo™ can also be described as the provider of entry point services for Gazelle™. From a user's standpoint, Neo™ is typically used when you configure Gazelle™ to listen to your communications and devices such as your email, cell phone, fax machine, and so on. Neo™ can be configured in various ways to listen to your communications and devices in order to allow the content from your configured communications and devices to be brought into Gazelle™. This enables convergence of your content into Gazelle™.

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Neo™ uses connectors to move content from various sources to targets. Wanna move big data? Create a connector to get started.


Use your connectors to pull content into the platform from various sources to make Gazelle the point of your convergence.


Neo™ enables collaboration because it brings your content together inside Gazelle.

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